• VACS, a perfect CLIO partner

    by  • 23 February 2017 • Hot News, News • 0 Comments

    CLIO is a reliable general purpose electro-acoustic measurement system with powerful built-in post-processing capabilities. Nevertheless users with highly specific requirements are asking for particular implementations of post-processing tools. While we meet customer’s needs, it should be considered that the general purpose nature of the CLIO system limits this possibility.
    In order to help our advanced users we already published documentation and tools to import the CLIO measurement formats with scientific software such as Matlab and Scilab.
    This is a good solution for users with a background in scientific software but might be intimidating for others.
    We found that a perfect partner of CLIO system is the great VACS software from R&D Team.


    VACS is the acronym for Visualizing Acoustics Software and can import dozens of different file formats from the most common measurement systems, CLIO is of course among them. Importing, visualizing and post-processing of CLIO measurement files is made very simple in VACS which can be used also a powerful reporting tool.