• CLIO Software Upgrade Service

    You can upgrade your CLIO or CLIOwin software for FREE to the latest software release.*

    Please check the OS compatibility here.

    CLIO software typeLatest software release
    CLIO 12.512.55
    CLIO 1212.11
    CLIO 1111.45
    CLIO Pocket 22.11 (Windows, macOS 32 bit)
    2.12_x64 (macOS 64 bit)
    CLIO Pocket 11.51
    CLIO 1010.60
    CLIO 8.5**8.52
    CLIOwin 77.13
    CLIOwin 6.56.55
    CLIO 44.55

    If your measurement system is not up-to-date and you want to install the FREE upgrade please fill the form below; you will receive an e-mail from our web server with instructions for its download.

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      Actual Software Release

      (**) CLIO 8.5 PCI/USB: the free upgrade to CLIO 8.5 is possible only for SC-02 units with firmware rel.6. Otherwise please contact Audiomatica at support@audiomatica.com.
      (*) The FREE software upgrade is intended within the same release major number (i.e. if you have release 4.05 you will be freely upgraded to 4.55 and so on); the software upgrade between releases with different major number must be purchased, you can order it by e-mail.

      If you want to add new functionality to your measurement system purchasing a more powerful software release (for example passing from CLIO 12 Standard to CLIO 12 QC) or want your hardware updated to the new USB fw-02 interface with CLIO 12 software please contact us at support@audiomatica.com.