• CLIO Software Upgrade Service (Free)

    You can upgrade your CLIO or CLIOwin software for FREE to the latest software release.

    The FREE software upgrade is intended within the same release major number (i.e. if you have release 12.11 you will be freely upgraded to 12.62 and so on); the software upgrade between releases with different major number must be purchased.

    If you would like to updgrade your CLIO Pocket 1 or 2 to the CLIO Pocket 3 version or CLIO 12 to CLIO 13 click here. For any other non free upgrade path please contact us at support@audiomatica.com.

    If you want to add new functionality to your measurement system purchasing a more powerful software release (for example passing from CLIO 12 Standard to CLIO 12 QC) or want your hardware updated to the USB fw-02 interface with CLIO 13 software please contact us at support@audiomatica.com.

    Please check the OS compatibility here.

    CLIO software typeLatest software release
    CLIO X 1414.04
    CLIO 1313.00
    CLIO 1212.62
    CLIO 1111.45
    CLIO Pocket 33.00
    CLIO Pocket 22.20
    CLIO Pocket 11.51
    CLIO 1010.60
    CLIO 8.58.52
    CLIOwin 77.13
    CLIOwin 6.56.55
    CLIO 44.55

    If your measurement system is not up-to-date and you want to install the FREE upgrade please fill the form below; you will receive an e-mail from our web server with instructions for its download. Inquiries that are not eligible for a free upgrade will not be processed.

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