• CLIO 13

    CLIO 13 is the new software for the CLIO FW-02 hardware.

    CLIO 13 is released as a software upgrade only for users already in possession of a CLIO 12 system with CLIO FW-02 hardware.

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    CLIO 13 User’s Manual 

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    CLIO 13 software features the same functions as the CLIO 14 software for the new CLIO X (also known as CLIO FW-03) hardware. A CLIO System is composed by the CLIO software coupled to the proprietary Audiomatica CLIO hardware interface. CLIO 13 cannot be sold to new customers as a complete system because the CLIO FW-02 hardware interface has been discontinued and not sold anymore, new customers shall buy our CLIO 14 system. CLIO 13 is the companion software of CLIO 14, introducing new features such as THD+N and AES75 support, with the difference that CLIO 13 is compatible with the legacy CLIO FW-02 hardware. Development path of CLIO 13 and CLIO 14 software will proceed in parallel until new functions leveraging the power of the new CLIO X hardware will be implemented. Hardware update from CLIO FW-02 to CLIO X is not possible since the new hardware has been completely redesigned using modern electronic components to guarantee a long term support.

    CLIO 13 extends the support for users with the CLIO FW-02 hardware for the foreseable future.

    CLIO is a system: it is including the Audiomatica CLIO FW-02 interface as hardware and it is running the CLIO 13 STND Standard Software or CLIO 13 QC Quality Control (which has also extended features not only related to Quality Control). These two parts (hardware plus software) can not function separately.

    CLIO 13 is the latest available software for the CLIO System using Audiomatica CLIO FW-02 interface, building up the well-known CLIO 12 measurement suite.

    The CLIO System with CLIO 13 software is a complete audio and electro-acoustic measurement instrument that gives state-of-theart solutions to laboratory, on-field and production-QC applications. CLIO 13 is designed to support and drive the existing hardware like the FW-02 Audio interface and is ready to accommodate its future developments; operating system support has been extended to the latest Windows 11.

    CLIO 13 software is fully compliant with XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.


    Compared to other measurement systems, CLIO concentrates the power of many different instruments into a single one.

    Three different measurement techniques are available for system identification and characterization:

    • MLS & LogChirp analysis using either pseudorandom noise or logarithmic chirps as stimuli
    • Sinusoidal Sweeps using sinusoidal signals
    • FFT, RTA and ‘Live’ Transfer Function letting you the choice of any stimulus, even music.

    While other instruments offer one single possible measurement choice, CLIO permits you to view the physical phenomenon like frequency response, impedance or other parameters, from different points of view. The final result will be then validated by the consistency of these measurements: as any expert technician knows, this is the correct approach that should always be adopted.

    The following specialized control panels are dedicated to other specific measurements:

    • Linearity and Distortion measures the non linear behavior of an electronic equipment
    • Sound Level Meter a IEC61672 integrating sound level meter with Leq and frequency analysis
    • Interactive L-C-R Bridge permits passive components measurement on the fly
    • Wow&Flutter Meter with time and frequency analysis
    • Frequency Counter
    • Direct STIPA rating

    Beyond measured results you get sophisticated post-processing tools for:

    • Thiele&Small Parameters for loudspeaker characterization
    • ISO 3382 Acoustical Parameters, indirect STI and STIPA for rooms and auditoria characterization
    • Directivity analysis for loudspeaker as 2D Color maps, Circular or waterfall-like plots or 3-D Balloons analysis (only in QC version) for complete spatial characterization
    • Time-Frequency Analysis to evaluate Cumulative Spectral Decays, Energy Time Frequency, Wavelet Analysis and Cycle Wavelet Analysis. Either as 3D plots or Color Maps.
    • Loudness Rating Calculator for assessing RLR, SLR and STMR (only in QC version)

    Using all the aforementioned measuring and post-processing techniques it is possible to tailor powerful Quality Control scripts that will manage and identify any production line of electronic or electro-acoustic devices.


    CLIO 13 STANDARD: Laboratory grade software with most of the features present.

    CLIO 13 QC: Adds a Quality Control Processor for state-of-the-art testing and controlling a production line; also adds some particular applications like 3D measurement analysis.



    (*) Available only for 32 bit OS

    The Quality Control software extension for CLIO is a powerful suite for executing state of the art production line testing.

    CLIO QC implements all the measurement techniques found in the CLIO standard software adding a versatile script processor that handles the test sequence most appropriate for your needs.
    CLIO QC is able to test the production of loudspeakers, drivers, microphones, amplifiers and any other electroacoustic device.
    CLIO QC can interact with external hardware or production line controllers in addition to PC peripherals, computer networks or with custom written software to implement a fully automatic test line.
    CLIO QC can be configured to act as a measurement server. It is possible to easily integrate the sophisticated QC measurement techniques of CLIO inside custom written applications. Interaction takes place with TCP/IP transfer protocol giving the possibility of remote control over a network. Compared to other measurement systems, CLIO concentrates the power of many different instruments into a single one.

    Changelog CLIO 13

    • New THD+N Sinusoidal measurement
    • Selectable FFT Overlap
    • AES75 specific FFT Transfer Function Analysis functions
    • Support for a dual Audiomatica Open Source Turntable

    Changelog CLIO 12.5

    • New stereo Multi-Meter operation
    • New STIPA direct measurement features
    • New Quality Control graphics management features
      • Graph Report Window
      • Windows layout functions
    • New WAV2SIN processing that permits asynchronous QC test recording on multiple wave files and then analyze them (ADB, ALSA devices)

    Changelog CLIO 12

    • New hardware Audiomatica FW-02 USB Interface (24 bit @ 192kHz)
    • Windows OS support for XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • New USB hardware driver Windows 10 fully compatible
    • New installer package
    • New temperature controlled calibration procedure to precisely match in-factory stored parameters
    • Main menu & system features:
      • Import of CLIO pocket measurements
    • Acoustical Parameters menu:
      • Indirect STI post-processing tool (IEC 60268-16:2011 4th edition)
      • Direct STIPA measurement tool (IEC 60268-16:2011 4th edition)
    • Time Frequency Analysis menu:
      • New Cycle Wavelet processing
    • New Quality Control graphics management feature

    Changelog CLIO 11

    • New Firewire hardware driver Windows 10 fully compatible
    • Windows OS support for XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
    • New installer package
    • New system software look & feel with redesign of the user interface and touch-screen gestures control
    • Main menu & system features:
      • Direct data and graph export to clipboard
      • File load by dragging
      • Current (A) measurements
      • Direct QCBox output level setting
    • Signal Generator:
      • New interactive control panel
      • Continuous sinusoidal sweeper
      • Low and hi pass real-time filters
    • MLS menu:
      • Up to 2MSamples stimulus
      • Auto-capture impulse delay feature
      • Interactive simultaneous time/frequency display
    • Sinusoidal menu:
      • Up to 1/192th of octave frequency resolution
        Impedance measurements with 2-channels A/B Voltage-Current at speakers terminals
    • FFT Menu:
      • Event trigger mode
      • Dual channels time display
      • Live Transfer Function with response-hiding of low coherence data and multi-resolution analysis
      • Support for ANSI CEA 2010 standard test
    • New Directivity & 3D Balloon menu:
      • Redesigned user interface for directivity measurement of loudspeakers and post-process
      • 2D parameters vs. frequency
      • 3D Free sampling
      • 3D Inverse Distance Weighting algorithm
    • New Time-Frequency Analysis menu:
      • Redesigned user interface for Wavelet, Cumulative Spectral Decay and Energy-Time-Frequency analysis
      • MLSSA impulse response file import
      • Wav impulse response file import
    • Acoustical Parameters menu:
      • MLSSA impulse response file import
      • Wav impulse response file import
    • Leq Menu:
      • Export of time data

    Changelog CLIO 10

    • Windows OS support for XP, Vista, 7
    • Sinusoidal menu:
      • Simultaneous stereo measurements (frequency response and impedance together)
      • Displacement laser measurements for non-invasive Thiele/Small parameters evaluation
      • Fast-TrackTM Rub&Buzz detection routine
    • Waterfall&Directivity menu:
      • 3-D “balloons” directivity analysis with complete data export
    • Acoustical Parameters menu:
      • Indirect STI post-processing tool (IEC 60268-16:2003 3rd edition)