• Support

    Audiomatica is committed to providing a high level of technical support to its customers.

    Please find informations and technical documents about Clio 11 here and about Clio 12 here.

    A careful reading of the product user manual provides answers to common questions. Find the latest users manual for your product by either looking at our Download Page or in each products page. The Download Page hosts also updated drivers for our current and discontinued products.

    Please find informations about Clio installation here.

    Our website contains a series of technical documents regarding the CLIO measurement system, measurement techniques and data processing. Browse our Knowledge Base library to access to our Application Notes, Technical Notes, Presentation and Papers held at conferences and events.

    Video Tutorials are available at the Video_Tutorials page or on YouTube under our channel Audiomatica YouTube Channel.

    If you wish to contact Audiomatica to receive technical support, please follow the steps needed to request technical support.

    If you would like to update your software to the latest available version, please go to our CLIO Software Update Service.

    Don’t forget to register your CLIO system.