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    The CLIO System


    CLIO is a PC-based system for electrical and acoustical measurements.  CLIO has been officially presented at the 1991 AES (Audio Engineering Society) exhibition held in Paris. Today CLIO is capable of an outstanding number of measurements in a single package and still adds new functionality like Fast-Track™ Rub&Buzz and 3-D measurements. A brief history of the CLIO system is here.

    The CLIO system offers several measurement software, related measurement hardware (PC interfaces and boards) and accessories. A CLIO system is composed by, at least, one measurement software and one measurement hardware; a CLIO system is a complete test instrument, 100% warranted by Audiomatica, you need only to supply a compatible computer.

    Our current product line is comprised of:

    CLIO X 14

    CLIO 13

    CLIO Pocket


    QCBox Model V

    CLIOQC SW-01

    Mic Preamplifiers


    Calibration Services