• Accessories

    CLIO FW Accessories:

    AA-001 1/2” to Microphone Adapter

    This adapter fits Audiomatica microphones MIC-01, MIC-02 and MIC-03 to a standard 1/2 inch. microphone calibrator.

    Accelerometer ACH-01


    The accelerometer ACH-01, from Measurement Specialties, is a low-cost, general purpose transducer that satisfies your needs of vibration monitoring and measurement. The unit is furnished cabled to be connected directly to CLIO’s input (that provides also for its power supply).

    Foot Pedal Switch

    This accessory finds application along production lines where the CLIO system is used to execute Quality Control measurements. Pressing the switch it is possible to start and continue measurement execution. Please refer to the QC User’s Manual for more information.

    Lemo Adapter Cable

    The LEMO adapter cable connects PRE-33 input to a Lemo 1B 7-poles female plug.

    Mount Panels

    Using one of these panels it is possible to assemble the QCBOX Model 5 and the FW-01 Audio Interface or the SC-02 Signal Conditioner so that they can be mounted together.



    CLIO Pocket microphone Accessories:

    CLIO Pocket microphone Accessories