• How to contact us for assistance

    Please follow the steps below and help us to give you our best assistance.

    1° step:

    If it is the first time that you request assistance it is mandatory that you send us your registration form.

    If you are already registered please mention your CLIO serial number in all the messages you will send to us.

    Mail without the CLIO serial number will not be processed. What is Serial Number?

    2° step:

    Another important issue is that you should align your software and drivers to latest available.

    Please check here the latest software upgrade available for free for your Clio system.

    Please fill the gaps and send the form to us. You will receive the software upgrade link ready for download.

    If the problem persists write your e-mail to support@audiomatica.com

    – with the serial number of your Clio

    – with a brief description of the problem


    Optional step*:

    System information files

    *Technical Department might ask this further information in selected cases

    Please do not send us measurement screenshots, photos of the screen or videos unless instructed. If you have issues it is highly recommended to send us the CLIO binary measurement files with a description of the setup. 

    Important Notice:

    Ensuring a superior customer experience is our top priority. We’ve recently noticed an increase in products being sold through unauthorized sellers. To guarantee all the benefits of owning Audiomatica products, we recommend purchasing from our authorized distributors, which you can find here: Audiomatica Distributors List.

    Benefits of Purchasing Through Authorized Distributors:

    • Full manufacturer support: Direct email support from Audiomatica and through our network of authorized distributors to answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.
    • Guaranteed product quality: By purchasing through authorized channels, you can be confident you’re receiving a genuine Audiomatica product.
    • Access to warranty services: Only authorized distributors can provide warranty support for your Audiomatica product.

    If you have already purchased from an unauthorized seller, please reach out to them directly for initial support and any returns or exchanges.