• CLIO’s History

    CLIO has been officially presented at the 1991 AES (Audio Engineering Society)

    exhibition held in Paris which sales success was immediate, especially in Italy.

    The CLIO system, composed by the software release 1.0 and the HR-001 PC card, was among the very first to implement the MLS measurement technique.

    During the next two years, we noticed a considerable enhancement of the product with the elegant and easy-to-use software release 2.0, an integrated suite for executing a variety of electroacoustic measurements helped by a proprietary windows graphical user interface.

    In 1994, we experienced the major impulse given to CLIO with the new hardware (HR-2000 PC card) which is still produced today and the new software release 3.0.

    CLIO becomed a two channels analyzer, handled a wide dynamic range of input signals, sampled with variable frequency at 16-bit resolution. All this pushed Audiomatica to face the world markets, first bashfully then with an increasing success.

    Several contacts with the major loudspeakers manufacturers lead, in 1996, to the birth of CLIO QC, a dedicated software for controlling the production lines of loudspeakers.

    In 1997 again a step forward with the software: the release 4 available in three different versions: Lite, Standard and QC. This DOS software is still sold today and permits the execution of professional grade measurements in electroacoustics (loudspeakers and electronics), environmental acoustics (noise control), room acoustics and quality control of production lines.

    In 1998, Dr. Joseph D’Appolito published “Testing Loudspeakers” – the first complete textbook on measurements of drivers and loudspeaker systems in which CLIO is taken as a reference among PC based measurements systems.

    In 1999, Audiomatica was invited, as the first non American manufacturer to present the CLIO system at the ALMA (American Loudspeakers Manufacturers Association) symposium in Nashville.

    During the years the CLIO system has been enriched with several new accessories (microphones, amplifiers, accelerometers) that complete its offer.

    The Year 2001 – exactly ten years after CLIO’s birthday – baptizes the exciting new software CLIOwin that merges CLIO and Windows power.

    In 2002 Audiomatica releases the new hardware PCI (PB-4281 PC card) with external signal conditioner.

    In 2004 the new slim line 50W Amplifier&SwitchBox Model 4 permits a complete hardware solution in 19″” Rack form factor for easy installation along production lines.

    In 2005 the unified CLIOwin platform for ISA and PCI systems reaches version 6.55.

    Year 2006 CLIOwin 7 represents a major step forward along the CLIO software development; we find an improved graphical interface adding many new interesting measurements like Acoustical Parameters, Directivity analysis, Distortion and Linearity and Wow&Flutter.

    Year 2007 sees the milestone CLIO 8 software now coupled either to the PCI/USB hardware solution (SC-02 + PB-4281) or to the brand new FW-01 Firewire interface.

    The FW-01 audio interface sets new standards among measurement systems. Its extremely compact, portable design permits state of the art performance: stereo balanced in-out, 24bit, 192kHz sampling, IEEE1394 Firewire interface.

    2008 CLIO 8 for Vista and QCBox 5
    CLIO is again first, 100% ready measurement system under the Window Vista operating system.
    The new USB controlled QCBox Model 5 Amplifier, Switching and Testing Box becomes the natural companion of any CLIO system adding new testing and interfacing possibilities.

    2009 CLIO10
    In its 25th anniversary Audiomatica again reinvents CLIO reaching its tenth release. Today CLIO is capable of an outstanding number of measurements in a single package and still adds new functionality like Fast-Track™ Rub&Buzz and 3-D measurements.

    2013 CLIO11
    The Windows 10 compatible new CLIO11 software is released.

    2015 CLIO POCKET1 and CP-01
    Audiomatica hits the market with the first Multi-Platform (Windows and OSX) Personal measurement system based on the CP-01 USB interface.

    2017 CLIO12 and FW-02
    Building on CLIO10 and 11 heritage Audiomatica releases CLIO12 and the new FW-02 hardware: two channels, balanced in-out, 24bit, 192kHz sampling, USB interface.

    2018 CLIO POCKET2
    The new release 2 adds exciting harmonic distortion analysis to Pocket users.

    During the years CLIO has been sold to over 20000 end users in 70 different countries worldwide.