• Clio FW-01


    The FW-01 unit has been designed to be a complete two channels professional A/D D/A audio front-end for your PC; it is connected to the computer by an IEEE-1394 link giving you maximum performances; it can be powered by the same link giving you maximum portability.

    The FW-01 performances (24 bit @ 192 kHz) represent state-of-the-art measurement capabilities for any audio device or acoustical test.
    The FW-01 is equipped with an instrument grade balanced input and output analog circuitry with an exceptionally wide range of output attenuation and input gain that allows an easy interface to the outer world; the input and output loopback capability with the internal ultra stable voltage reference permit a simple and precise calibration of the whole instrument.
    A switchable phantom power supply lets you directly connect an Audiomatica MIC-01, MIC-02 or MIC-03 as well as any other standard balanced microphone to any of the FW-01 input.


    Two channels 24 Bit sigma-delta D/A Converter
    Frequency range: 1 Hz – 90 kHz
    Frequency accuracy: >0.01%
    Frequency resolution: 0.01 Hz
    Output impedance: 660 Ω
    Max output level (Sine): 17 dBu (5.5 Vrms)
    Attenuation: 0.1 dB steps to full mute
    THD+Noise(Sine): 0.008 %
    Digital out: SPDIF

    Two channels 24 Bit sigma-delta A/D Converter
    Input range: +40 ÷ -40dBV
    Max input acceptance: +40dBV (283Vpp)
    Input impedance: 128kOhm (5.6kOhm mic)
    Phantom power supply: 24V

    One free IEEE1394 port

    To connect the FW-01 unit to your PC you need to do the following:
    1) Locate an IEEE-1394 port on your PC. You may either use a standard 6-pin port (with or without power supply) or a standard 4-pin (small connector, without power supply) port.
    2) If you use a 6-pin port use the supplied 6-pin-to-6-pin cable. If you use a 4-pin port please provide an IEEE 1394 6-pin-to-4-pin cable (often referred as i-Link).
    3) If you use a 6-pin port verify that it is capable of power supply.
    4) If you use a 6-pin port without power supply or a 4-pin port you must also provide a 12V external power supply.

    Sampling frequencies: 192kHz, 96kHz and 48kHz
    Audio connections: 2 XLR combo analog input, 2 XLR plus 2 RCA analog output, 1 RCA digital output
    Digital connection: 6-pin IEEE1394
    Power supply: IEEE1394 or 12V DC
    Sizes: 16(w)x17(d)x4(h)
    Weight: 800 grams