• Cliowin with HR-2000 ISA board error messages

    Before proceeding further be sure to have Chapter 3 of CLIOwin User’s Manual in front of you.

    CLIOwin with HR2000 ISA board error messages

    Possible cause
    Physical I/O address doesn’t match Windows settings.
    This common error arises at the end of the installation when Windows has assigned an I/O address not matching the one set with jumper JP2. You can either move JP2 (see fig.3.1) to the other position or change (referring to fig.3.4) the Windows setting under:
    System Properties>
    Device Manager>
    Sound, video and game controller>
    Clio HR-2000>
    Input/Output Range>
    The hardware is not registered or disabled.
    Please execute the procedure described in 3.3.
    CLIO hardware not present or not working.
    This error is given when you remove the CLIO board from a computer where it was installed or when the board stops functioning.
    This error is given if you run CLIOwin in a computer where the hardware has not been installed.