• CLIO 11 and Architectural Acoustics

    by  • 4 March 2014 • Application Briefs, News • 0 Comments

    The CLIO system is a flexible instrument which can find application on many fields of electroacoustics. CLIO 11 it is a powerful instrument non only for the electro-acoustical designer but also for the acoustician. The MLS&LogChirp module can acquire room impulse responses of a maximum length of 2M points, which at the sampling frequency of 48 kHz means an impulse lenght of about 43.7 s.

    CLIO 11 can be used to send a LogChirp stimulus to an omnidirectional electro-acoustic source and record the impulse response using an omnidirectional microphone, by windowing out the final part of the impulse is also possible to get rid of the loudspeaker source distortions and separate only the linear part which is the room response.

    The collected room impulse response can be analyzed using the Acoustical Parameter menu:


    It is also possible to look at the room response using our time-frequency Wavelet analysis menu, which gave a nice idea on how the room behaves in term of reverberation and echoes: