• CLIO 12

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    CLIO 12 is the newest measurement software for the CLIO System.

    The CLIO System is capable of measuring:

    • electrical networks
    • electronic equipment
    • loudspeaker systems
    • telephones & hearing aids
    • environmental noise
    • rooms acoustics
    • quality of production lines

    CLIO 12 runs on a standard PC computer driving the measurement hardware and accessories supplied by Audiomatica; the power, precision and reliability of the resulting instrument is 100% warranted.

    CLIO 12 controls the new Audiomatica FW-02 USB Interface (24 bit @ 192kHz).

    CLIO 12 is compliant with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. 32 and 64 bit versions supported.

    CLIO 12 software is available in two versions:

    • CLIO 12 STANDARD: Laboratory grade software with most of the features present.
    • CLIO 12 QC: Adds a Quality Control Processor for state-of-the-art testing and controlling a production line; also adds some particular applications like 3D measurement analysis.

    CLIO 12 has a brilliantly fresh new look allowing gesture controls while relying on an incredibly powerful design based on a huge work which is the synthesis of more than 25 years of experience and excellence in electro-acoustic measurements.

    CLIO 12 adds new exciting functionality:

    • New Cycle Wavelet processing
    • New STIPA direct measurement and indirect processing menu
    • New Quality Control graphics management feature

    CLIO 12 product page

    Download the CLIO 12 product brochure 

    Download the CLIO FW-02 product brochure 

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