• Stop Piracy

    Audiomatica has been informed that some cloned or counterfeited CLIO hardware accessories exist on the market; for the moment, they have been signalled in the Far East, especially in mainland China.

    How to Authenticate a CLIO system.

    Audiomatica reserves the right to take legal actions against the manufacturers of counterfeited products.
    Examples of these equipments follow.
    CLIOQC Amplifier & Switchbox
    Pay maximum attention when purchasing Audiomatica and CLIO products, always refer to our website www.audiomatica.com or directly to us at info@audiomatica.com for conformity of the product you are buying with the original.
    Audiomatica will not be liable or responsible for these electronic equipments; Audiomatica won’t warrant their operation and won’t give assistance or repair them.
    We are sorry but we are going to suspend any form of technical support to anybody or to any company found in possess of faked equipment or software.