• Audiomatica Open Source Turntable – Preview

    by  • 21 April 2021 • News

    We are working on a low cost Open Source Loudspeaker Turntable to be used with our CLIO measurement system. The turntable is built using inexpensive and widely available standard parts such as Arduino electronics, Openbuilds aluminum profiles and NEMA stepper motors. Plastic parts are 3D printed in house.

    The project aims to create an open platform for loudspeaker turntables which can be easily scaled to handle from very small and light devices such as smartphones up to heavy and big loudspeaker boxes.

    We will publish in our website all the advancements of this project. As soon as we will get to a production ready unit we will release design details with bill of materials and the 3D model of plastic parts in form of .stl files ready to be printed.