• CLIO FW and Mac Intel PC

    by  • 1 January 2010 • Hot News, News • 0 Comments

    Audiomatica recently has received many insistent inquires from end users interested to run CLIO 10 with the FW-01 audio interface under a MAC with Intel architecture.

    We clearly understand and comprehend these requests.

    Please note the following:

    • CLIO FW and CLIO 10 design started in 2008 and evolved having as target platform the Windows/Intel PC architecture
    • Audiomatica just completed the release of the CLIO 10 software and drivers for operation under Windows Vista becoming one of the first measurement systems with native operation for it
    • Until mid 2008 the Apple policy about Windows was not to support it directly; it is now become very aggressive with the release of the latest OS
    • As of today the operation of CLIO 10 under a Mac Intel computer is not warranted and not supported by Audiomatica